About GlamNRD

Hello there! My name is Rose Nava, a.k.a GlamNRD. 

First fun fact, the letters NRD are my actual initials! Now, what is a GlamNRD?

A GlamNRD is someone who embraces their glam self, whatever your definition of glam is. It is more than what you wear and what you look like. Find your glam by discovering who you are, what makes you happy, learning what gives you confidence and just creating your own glam vibe. This makes it easier to Be Your Glam Self! 

Now that we understand what GlamNRD means, I will summarize my journey that brought me here today. 10-year long story short, I created my first product for fun. It was a phone case full of rhinestones. Word of mouth spread and now it's become a business. I've evolved my business so much; as an artist and designer, I will continue to do so.

As I said, my first product was a phone case. After creating a few, I began working on eos lip balms when they first became popular. To master my technique, I covered everything in sight with rhinestones. Then I moved on to Starbucks mugs and handheld mirrors. More recently, I've added brush holders, organizer bowls, perfume trays and wall art showpieces! 

We all struggle with confidence growing up and even still as adults. Some wear red lipstick to help them feel confident. Others prioritize their wardrobe to help them look and feel confident. Jewelry for others. It doesn't even have to be ON you, it may be your environment that can make you feel glam. 

With my Glam Showpieces not only will you glam up your space, but you will feel Glam as you use a fully designed hand held mirror to apply your lashes, lipstick, contour, etc. 

Whether you are treating yourself or winning brownie points by gifting one of my showpieces to someone truly special, I am sure to work with you and create a one of a kind showpiece you know no one else will have. Be unique. Be different. Be extra. Be anything you want to be. Be Your Glam Self!